Mission Statement

The National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER) leads by example as it strives to improve simultaneously the quality of education for thoughtful participation in a democracy and the quality of the preparation of educators. The NNER works through partnerships among P-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and communities.


Members of the Network agree on a four-part mission to advance Education in Democracy, which is as follows:

  • provide access to knowledge for all children (“equity and excellence”);
  • educate the young for thoughtful participation in a social and political democracy (“enculturation”);
  • base teaching on knowledge of the subjects taught, established principles of learning,     and sensitivity to the unique potential of learners (“nurturing pedagogy”); and
  • take responsibility for improving the conditions for learning in P-12 schools,  institutions of higher education and communities. (“stewardship”).

Enabling Actions

Members of the Network assert that quality schooling for a democracy and quality preparation of educators can best be accomplished by sharing responsibility for the following actions:

  • engaging university faculty in the arts and sciences, education, public schools, and community members as equal partners collectively responsible for the Agenda;
  • promoting and including partnership settings nationally and internationally that together represent urban, suburban, and rural communities, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse public school and university students, and a broad range of public and private teacher education institutions of varying sizes and missions;
  • inquiring into and conducting research pertinent to educational practices and the renewal of public schools and the education of educators.
  • proposing and monitoring federal, state and local policy that supports the implementing the Agenda for Education in a Democracy.
  • providing opportunities for professional and leadership development for participants in NNER settings.

Revised and approved electronically by the NNER Governing Council
February 16, 2007.