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John Goodlad

John Goodlad
NNER Founder

John Goodlad and colleagues’ extensive research on schools and the institutions that prepare teachers formed the work of the NNER.

The NNER is a membership network (see the governance page for membership information) dedicated to the simultaneous renewal of schools and the institutions that prepare our teachers. Our work is based on the four-part mission of providing equal access to quality learning for all students, promoting responsible stewardship of our schools and universities, improving teaching and learning through pedagogy that nurtures and challenges all learners, and providing students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become fully engaged participants in our democratic society. John Goodlad refers to the NNER as the proofing sites for the ongoing research and inquiry conducted by the Institute for Educational Inquiry.

A primary strategy for educational renewal is school/university partnerships where currently enrolled P-12 students and future teachers receive quality educational experiences. Collaborative policies and practices between school districts and institutions of higher education are necessary to advance this work that we view as ongoing and never complete. Unlike reforms or projects that have a beginning and an end, the renewal work of the NNER assumes that we must question assumptions and continue to make changes as we see where improvements can be made and gaps in quality education exist.

Dr. Goodlad’s research also resulted in Twenty Postulates that define the conditions necessary for quality teacher preparation.

The NNER is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) independent not-for-profit organization. Our by-laws and other governance documents can be found in the membership section of the web page.